Sunday School programs are available during worship time at Calvary. Generally children remain in church until after the children’s story time with the minister.

Outreach Projects:

The kids are involved in several projects throughout the year, raising money for their outreach projects and having fun while they help others.

The Sunday School treats the congreagation to lunch one Sunday every year and the profits go to a charitable project of their choice. 

They enjoy providing freshly baked cookies for the coffee hour to promote another of their fund-raising projects, the sale of cookie and muffin dough.

They support two children from third world countries by inviting the congregation to give a loonie once a month in support of this outreach. These are the two young people they currently support:

Meet Chheng Heang Thet, a bright-eyed seven year old girl from Cambodia whom the entire Sunday School sponsors through World Vision. Chheng Heang lives with her parents. Her father is a self-employed farmer, in good years raising barely enough food for his own family. Her mother stays at home caring for her family and helping her husband. This family is participating in the community development program which will help them move towards a higher future. Chhang Heang also helps the family by babysitting. Her favourite subject she says is spelling.

Meet Lidetu' Ababu,  a ten year old boy who lives with his parents. His father is a subsistence farmer and his mother is self-employed but their combined earnings are barely enough to provide the basic necessities for their family. The children's sponsorship is an important and continuing part of the assistance given to help this boy and his family attain self-reliance for this is the development in which World Vision is involved.

The Sunday School Picnic and Blessing of the Animals:

This has become a tradition that young and old look forward to each June. The day begins with a service that focuses on our caring for all of creation and with folks bringing their animals to blessed. Then like all good picnics there are activities for the children, conversation for the adults and lots of good food.